Colin James

Colin James
Head Instructor

As a child I was thrown into the snow. All jokes aside, Wilderness/Natural studies have been a lifelong journey thanks to my Grandfather always telling me stories of how the natives used to live throughout the entire land and be able to do miraculous things, like being able to walk around without being seen or heard. Dad and a friend of his named Mark showed me hidden shelters, fire and some primitive tools. At an early age I had been lost in the forest, which sparked a vast interest in navigation and other survival skills. I never wanted to be lost again, but if it did happen, I wanted to be able to survive the wild rather than panic and perish. My Favorite Natural Passions include: Natural Navigation, Plant Medicine, Fire by Friction, Camo/Movement, Trap Mechanics

History of Skills

  • Studying traditional ecological knowledge, primitive skills, indigenous teachings, and more from various schools, Elders, and Mentors.
  • Currently teaching for the Montessori School in Montgomery, N.Y.
  • Certified NYS Guide #7715, Can be found on
  • Multiple Certifications from Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School
  • Basic First Aid, CPR/AED for adult, child, and infant
  • Previous Security Certs. (8 and 16 hour)
  • Studied, Assisted, Taught classes with Mountain Scout Survival School
  • Worked on the set for Backpacker Magazine’s Online Tutorial: “Survival 101”
  • Assisted with a tracking program for the Danbury Fire Department, 122 members
  • Assisted with a YoungPresidentsOrganization event Survival / Emergency disaster themed with Nando from Alive.
  • Multiple private classes involving wilderness survival and urban emergency preparedness
  • Assisted with a program for the Urban Park Rangers of NYC
  • Assisted with children’s programs:
    • 5th Avenue School in NYC
    • Central Park Conservancy
    • NYC World Camp
    • Camp Eden
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Assisted and Ran a few outdoor classes at NYMA summer program (New York Military Academy)

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