Latest Past Events

Squantz Pond Nature Tour

Squantz Pond, New Fairfield, CT New Fairfield

A Nature Tour can open your eyes to the opportunities around you, reconnecting you to the vast network of life that is the natural world.


General Survival

Rowanwood Farm 31 Chestnut Hill rd, Newtown

Our General Survival course will prepare you for many situations. A number of things can occur (emergency or not) where you may need survival tools, skills, and mindset in order to save your life or another’s.


Healing Drum Circle

Muktinath Holistic Center 731 Main St, Unit 121, Monroe

A Healing Drum Circle is a gathering of those who wish to experience the healing energy of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drum has the ability to shift our energy in a dramatic way, as it is an integral tool for vibrational healing.