Gretchen Sancher

Gretchen Sancher
Head Instructor

My earliest foray into the wilderness was reading about the early explorers. I was fascinated by how much a difference local Earth knowledge could make when it came to surviving the unexpected. Those that worked with Nature, thinking outside the box of “taming the wild” seemed to thrive beyond survival. From there I began my journey into learning how to collaborate rather than consume, and to incorporate different ways rather than impose my own. Only by doing this could I discover what treasures this Earth has to share with her inhabitants! Teaching has been a multi-generational profession in my family, and so I enjoy every second I get to pass on these amazing teachings to anyone who is curious about them.

History of Skills

  • Studying traditional ecological knowledge, primitive skills, indigenous teachings, and more from various schools, Elders, and Mentors
  • Multiple Certifications from Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School
  • Reiki 1 certified, Muktinath Holistic Center
  • Graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Secondary Education – Composite Physical Sciences emphasis. Minor in Geology.
  • Over 20 years of experience teaching and tutoring learners of all ages

Previously worked with:

  • Assisted with a tracking program for the Danbury Fire Department, 122 members
  • Multiple private classes involving wilderness survival and urban emergency preparedness
  • Assisted with other children’s programs

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