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Harvest Moon Instructors!

Check out our updated itinerary and Harvest Moon Instructors lineup! More details on the day’s workshops and their instructors are described below.

Come join us at Rowanwood Farm for the Harvest Moon Educational Festival (Sep 9 – 11): a weekend of practice, training and sharing, full of lectures, demos, and workshop time.

Itinerary: Subject to minor changes.

The Harvest Moon Education Festival Educators

  • Stephen Kraska
    • Fire, Night Skills, Traps/Carving, Plants
  • Colin James
    • Fire, Night Skills, Traps/Carving, Natural Navigation, Plants
  • Gretchen Sancher
    • Astronomy, Natural Navigation
  • Andy DiGuiseppi
    • Chi Gung/Martial Arts, Strategy, Short Sword. 
  • Grandmother Nancy Andry
    • Native Teachings, Storytelling, and Animal Teachings
  • Janet Kroboth-Weber
    • The Art of Mother Nature, Stone Age Fibercraft, Plants
  • Sierra North
    • Reclaim Your Past
  • AJ Collier
    • Farm Education/Llamas/Fiber Art

Details of Lectures/Workshops:

  • Fire by Friction – Lighting – Learn the stories, see the skills, and watch as this fire is lit and will remain so for the entire festival.
  • Fireside Workshop – Explore Fire skills, enjoy the fire and work on your skill of choice.
  • Reclaim your past – Connect with the ancestors and primal self through drumming, journeying, meditation, and healing.
  • Night Skills – We will explore movement at night, understanding silhouettes and using the dark of night as a survival advantage.
  • Morning Sit – Sit with baseline in the morning to start the day off connected and in tune with the earth and your surroundings.
  • Farm Chores – Help to caretake the operating llama farm and learn what it takes to care for these animals.
  • Chi Gung/Martial Arts – Learn traditional body and breathing exercises, martial strategy, hand-to-hand skills and short sword skills. 
  • Traps – Introduction into the world of trapping for survival, there will be demos and time to carve your own.
  • Farm Education/Llamas – Learn about these magnificent animals and get the chance to meet and greet all the farm animals.
  • Natural Navigation – Learn to adjust and navigate an ever changing environment, tracking directional movement and surroundings. 
  • Astronomy/Star Tour – Use the sky map to find time and direction, hear the stories you see above, and look through a telescope.
  • The Art of Mother Nature – A new way to see Nature, via sacred geometry, artifacts, drawing & outdoor exploring.  Join the hunt!
  • Plant Tour – Journey with us as we explore different plants in season, their edible, medicinal, utilitarian and hazardous properties.
  • Stone Age Fibercraft – Learn how plants & tree bark can transform into cordage, nets, rope, weaving, mats, baskets, clothing & more
  • Open Skills –  Work on any traditional/outdoor skill you choose. Bring an on-going skill/project, or work with some of ours.
  • Grandmother Nancy – A Native American perspective: songs/drums, stories, legends, and more.

StephenHarvest Moon Instructors!

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  • Monique Rossignol - August 25, 2022

    Hi Stephen. I went to college with your dad. I love your business! I am a Girl Scout leader in RI and would love to do this with my high school girls sometime.
    Please add me to your email distribution list if you have one. Thank you.

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