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March of The Ticks!

March of the ticks! It’s getting warmer, spring is around the corner! If you believe the weather is getting nicer, chances are, they do too! This was my leg last week and today, please check yourself. I’ve seen ticks mid winter (they are always around) but March is when they really start to liven up here in this region.

If you are a tick magnet or not, we recommend wearing brighter colors and using bug sprays or essential oils. Ticks are no joke, they carry lyme along with many other diseases. Tuck in your clothes, tuck your pants into your socks if you are really worried, I’ve seen them get into unwanted places even after all precautions had been taken. Ticks love the bushes and tall grass… Ticks really love rodents, who love bushes and tall grass. Stay on the trail! That’s kind of hard in our profession, we are in the bush a lot, we understand if your work does too.

Please be careful with the chemicals/sprays you use! You don’t want DEET (a bug deterrent chemical used during WWII) on your skin, permethrin is harmful to cats, and some people and animals are sensitive to essential oils.

A natural route! Bugs do not like fragrant herbs from the mint family. However, bears love mint! They are also coming out of hibernation…

No matter what we do, there are risks involved, so please be aware and do what is best for you. I’m just letting you know, things are waking up, moving about and loving spring! Please let the bees be bees and journey on!

StephenMarch of The Ticks!

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