General Survival

General Survival

Our General Survival course will prepare you for many situations. A number of things can occur (emergency or not) where you may need survival tools, skills, and mindset in order to save your life or another’s. Learn to survive, keep calm, and adapt to conditions you may find yourself in. With a general knowledge of survival you can feel more secure in a sometimes unforgiving environment.

A great intro into the world of survival skills, and a prerequisite for many of our other courses.

Learn an array of useful skills encompassing our 7 cores of survival:

  • Shelter Building (Insulated and Non)
  • Fire by Friction/Building Proper Fire Structures
  • Water Procurement and Filtration
  • Foraging/Hunting/Preparation of Food
  • Tracking and Trailing (Wildlife)
  • Movement/Outdoor Ergonomics 
  • Environmental Awareness

Emergencies happen during the shortest journey, close to home or even at home. You may need to apply standard survival principles to keep yourself or others safe. We provide you with the essential skills/tools you’ll need to adapt to the situation at hand. With hands-on experience, our general survival course will help you feel more prepared for a sometimes unforgiving environment. 

Build confidence through the application of skill, knowing you can help the community if need be. Knowledge of general survival builds a secure connection between you and the Earth, establishing an opportunity to care for yourself and future generations. From here, feel more comfortable on your next journey. 

What to expect:

  • Prepare for uneven forest ground 
  • Hands-on Learning/Tasks
  • Intermittent Lectures

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