Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Course Name: Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Description: Explore the variety of wildlife in our area through tracks and trails. We begin with a brief overview of the identifying characteristics of tracks and trails, discussing terms, tactics, and what to look for. As we travel through the woods, meadows and wetlands, we will take time to analyze specific locations to better understand the interconnected wildlife trail systems. Participants will learn how to identify different wildlife tracks and trails, and gain insight into the stories they tell. As we move on the land, participants will get into the animal mindset and use their experience to inform their understanding of animal movement, and how that influences the tracks the animals leave behind. Finally, there will be time to put new knowledge to work as you find and identify tracks and trails with your guide.

The primary focus is on larger and more numerous species, but is subject to additions depending on what wildlife is currently in the area. Wildlife may include (but is not limited to): whitetail deer, raccoon, opossum, coyote, fox, skunk, squirrel, bobcat, and black bear.

This is a solid introduction into the world of tracking, but also great hands-on tracking time for more experienced trackers.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Where to look for wildlife tracks, trails and sign
  • Track analysis
  • Track and trail ID
  • Track documentation
  • Wildlife movement
  • Wildlife interaction with the ecosystem
  • Tactics for tracking efficiently and effectively

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