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Please Don’t Let Them Fly!

Please don’t let them fly! No matter the celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation or a get well ceremony. When your balloons fly away they end up in our forests, our oceans, and our yards. Animals get tangled, water gets polluted, and we’re littering on top of it all. All we are asking is please keep all of our Eco Acres clean.

With festival season here, I know there will be a lot of fun activities, and balloons! Please be responsible, we all play are part on this earth. Tie the balloons rope to something. If you don’t know knots, tie lots! Don’t know what to use? If you’re outdoors use fishing weights, rocks, or sticks! If you’re indoors, use bannisters, cannisters or railings!

I remember losing my first balloon and watching it drift away. I felt ridiculously upset when I learned the repercussions it would have on our environment. So upset that today, something I do is go out of my way, sometimes in hard to reach places pulling these out of the woods and our streams. I usually find at least one a week.

Teach responsibility to our children, the world is in their hands. Lets leave them with wonderful memories of this place. We can cherish our memories without letting them float away, without seeing them littering the world. We can do our part and keep our water and forest clean.

A good lesson: Don’t let go of something precious. Something little goes a long way.

Please be sure to check our calendar! We are adding new tours, courses and will be putting up the dates for “Spring on The Farm Family Fest Sunday!”

StephenPlease Don’t Let Them Fly!

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