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Touring the Trees

Join us on a fascinating journey to tour the world of trees! Our tour will include an in-depth discussion on the characteristics that make a tree a tree, and we will point out specific species that we encounter along the way.

Harvest Moon Education Festival 2023

Join us at Rowanwood Farm for the Harvest Moon Education Festival (Sep 29 - Oct 1): a weekend full of practice, training, and sharing. The festival is packed with lectures, demos, ceremonies and workshops. We start on Friday, Sep 29th at 4 pm and end on Sun, Oct 1st at 7 pm.

Harvest Moon Education Festival

Harvest Moon 3 Day Educational Festival Presented by Eco Acres and in association with Rowanwood Farm and Warriors Guild   Come join us at Rowanwood Farm for the Harvest Moon

Never Give Up!

Never give up! No matter what. Life may seem hard at times but remember that your Mother and Father Love You! I'm not talking about your biological parent's or guardians, other family or friends. I'm talking about your Earth Mother and your Father the Sun, who brings us new light everyday so our Mother can provide new life.

Let Her Flow Free!

Let her flow free! Our media vine is growing larger. Please check out some of our stories, photos and videos!

Upcoming Events!

Take a look at our upcoming events! We've updated our schedule for May until June adding Nature Tours, Healing Drum Circles, and Native Stories!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day! Take time today, as individuals and a community, to consider the impacts we have on our world.

Help us Help You!

By taking this survey we will better be able to serve our community and it's needs. We will better know what our customers interests are and will be able mold our courses/events to fit those needs. Our ultimate goal is helping people connect with to with themselves.

Native American Storytelling with Grandmother Nancy

Native American Storytelling with Grandmother Nancy Join us for a special evening of Native American Storytelling with Grandmother Nancy. She will be sharing the traditional stories of the First Nations