We Help People
Reconnect with the Earth
to Connect with Themselves
Our Earth-based classroom focuses on Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Survival Skills, Indigenous Teachings, Caretaking, Health and Sustainability, Earth Science and Home-School Learning Programs for Adults and Children.
  • If You Take Care of The Earth, The Earth Will Take Care of You.

  • Love Your Mother

  • Leave No Trace

  • The Seven Cores and the Seven P's Eat Lunch Together.

Learn the Lost Skills of Thriving in Nature

We teach people about the Earth in order to reconnect them to their roots. The classroom could be your property to teach you about your area or you can visit our outdoor classroom nestled in the woods of Sandy Hook, CT.

ECO ACRES was born from a passion to make a positive impact on the Earth. A community-based concept from seed to sprout, and focused on connection, excitement, healing and learning. Our teachings stem from all cultures and time periods, brought back into one place.

The Seven Cores:

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge

  • Primitive/Survival Skills

  • Indigenous Teachings

  • Health and Wellness

  • Sustainability

  • Caretaking

  • Earth Sciences

Which Paths Will You Journey?

Look Inside Our Natural Classroom

The instructors Stephen and Gretchen were so informational! With hands on learning and great vibes from the both of them, I left with so much beneficial information and even more gratitude for nature. Definitely will be coming back for advanced learning soon!

–Mariah R. / Newtown, CT

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make fire and survive without electricity. Back to nature like our ancestors did. I’m so thankful to learn these skills. Great lessons, great instructors.

–Nora B. / Southbury, CT

My kids were so excited. They loved being outside and in the wild. You could see they took right to it. Stephen is a great teacher. Highly recommended.

–Paul T. / Litchfield, CT

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