Our Circle

We Are Proud Of Our Circle – We all share a similar vision for a healthier Earth and Community!

Rowanwood Farm

Rowanwood Farm is Connecticut’s only mini llama hiking adventure company and farm!  Our Peruvian, Bolivian, Chilean, and Argentinian mini llamas are part of our family. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to share them with others. Come join us for a llama hike and explore some beautiful trails with these unique creatures.

Grandmother Nancy Andry

Traditional Native Storyteller

Native American Elder/Healer

Crystal Healer

Muktinath Holistic Center

A place to find….. the balance in your body, the stillness in your mind, and the power in your soul.

242 Woodworks

Custom Wooden Furniture & Decor

Aside from custom carpentry, 242 Woodworks employs a full-time handyman, Specializing in painting, flooring and remodeling homes.

The Warriors Guild

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Classes, include traditional Wing Chun study material. Forms, Chi Gung, Fitness Conditioning, Flexibility Training, as well as the classical two man drills to teach self defense and martial art reflexes. We’re now considering new candidates to join our study groups.

The Mindful Herbalist

Intuitive Energy Worker & Community Herbalist

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