Learn the Lost Skills of Thriving in Nature

Our schedule is actively changing and regularly advancing along with the release of new ecological data.  We teach our students how to read the signs of nature, and to adapt and survive in any environment. Nature has everything we need to survive – and to thrive – using traditional knowledge.

Everyone has their own unique journey on which they embark. Though we possess a clear end goal to the journey in our own mind, the road towards that goal can be long, complicated, and ever evolving. With focus held on our vision, various paths and trails will present themselves, creating opportunities for those willing to embrace them. The Path you choose is just one part of the journey, with the exploration of each path providing you with a new perspective. The many Trails that cross your path encompass a diverse range of opportunities, often leading you towards growth and an experience that reflects the beauty of the journey.

The Seven Cores:

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge

  • Survival Skills

  • Indigenous Teachings

  • Health & Wellness

  • Sustainability

  • Caretaking

  • Earth Sciences

Which Paths Will You Journey?



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Offering, Program and Experience List

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Nature Tour

A Nature Tour can open your eyes to the opportunities around you, reconnecting you to the vast network of life that is the natural world. Along the journey guides will shed light on otherwise overlooked aspects of the Earth we inhabit. Your understanding of the symbiotic relationship we share with our environment will deepen. Explore teachings of historical context, knowledge of environmental awareness, plant identification, animal tracking, and more about the land we walk. We hope to broaden your horizons, and open your mind to the endless possibilities along any journey!

Plant Tour

Journey with us as we observe different seasonal plants as they present themselves. Along the way we will discuss both the medicinal benefits and potential hazards of various local flora, as well as showcase the utility of the environment we inhabit. Differences in season, time, weather and location create diversity within the plant kingdom, making each tour unique. We invite you to grow along with us and strengthen your relationship with our local plant life!

Star Tour

Enjoy one of humanity’s earliest pastimes: stargazing! Our night sky inspires artists and amazes observers, but also directs how we measure time. It even guides us home, if we know how and what to look for. Experience our blend of story, science, and tradition as we journey on the Grandest Tour of All: Our Universe!

Wild Wander

Wander into the unknown. Our Wild Wander allows people to experience unfamiliar territory with the comfort of a guide. Wandering in unknown areas helps increase our awareness of the natural world and its beauty by advancing our observational senses. Being “wild” means we can also encounter the unexpected and must adapt quickly. Practice with adjusting to terrain changes, seasonal elements, and moving off-trail will better prepare you for the unknown wilderness, should you choose to journey on…


General Survival

Our General Survival course will prepare you for many situations. A number of things can occur (emergency or not) where you may need survival tools, skills, and mindset in order to save your life or another’s. Learn to survive, keep calm, and adapt to conditions you may find yourself in. With a general knowledge of survival you can feel more secure in a sometimes unforgiving environment.

Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Explore the variety of wildlife in our area through tracks and trails. Participants will learn how to identify different wildlife tracks and trails, and gain insight into the stories they tell.

Natural Navigation

Coming soon!

The Art and Story of Bow Drill

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Water Procuration and Filtration

The universal phenomena that is our beautiful planet is made possible by the presence of one key element: Water.

Private Offerings


Choose from our array of different consultations to find the one that fits your needs best. Choose: Survival, Preparedness, Property.

Private Courses

Any of our course options above can be taken in a private setting. Choose your group and the course you would like to take. This option allows a course to be run but be more tailored to the group of your choice.

Private Bookings

Please fill out a contact form below for more information! This can be for any specific event you want covered, fro special interest groups, Girl Scout, Boy Scouts, corporate and more!


Please fill out a contact form below for more information! This program is for the individual looking to increase their level of skill and knowledge on a more consistent basis with the help of a mentor/guide as needed.


Eco Skills Practice

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