What is ECO ACRES?

The Vision

ECO ACRES was born from an idea: make a positive impact on the Earth. It didn’t take long for the seed to sprout, and grow into a community of connected and passionately motivated people ready for healing, learning, and teaching. This community will weave a web of ideas that have been scattered across all cultures and times, interconnecting them back into one place again. We look at the lives of our past, and apply knowledge to the present in order to create a better future for the Earth and for those living here. We have a responsibility to give back to this world what we have already taken, and the first steps are right in front of us. One step at a time our primary focus is to teach people about the Earth and to reconnect with our roots. This ensures a better future for ourselves and all of our descendants. Journey on!

Our Mission

We Help People Reconnect With The Earth To Connect With Themselves

The Mystery keeps us Learning and Yearning”

About Eco Acres

Eco Acres Educators/Staff

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Our Media

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Our Circle

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The Seven Cores

Many of our offerings revolve around these topics, practices and philosophies.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Cumulative body of knowledge, practices, and beliefs, handed down through generations by traditional songs, origin stories, and everyday life. This knowledge can provide many different ways of connecting with the Earth and ourselves. ECO ACRES provides much of this through the Primitive/Survival Skills, and Indigenous Teachings.


The best thing about caretaking is that anyone can do it! Any person who chooses to do so can connect with nature through caring for and healing the Earth. It does not matter how small an action that a person performs, because every action sends out a message that others receive. We dive into the role of a caretaker and healer and learn how to work with each other and nature to benefit all parties. From working with the plants and providing natural homes for animals to working to restore a balance, many options are out there. Not only can it be done anywhere, it must be done everywhere. We currently face many challenges in this world, and caretaking the Earth will also caretake ourselves.

Survival Skills and Techniques

Learn to survive in any environment through shelter building, water procurement, fire-by-friction, hunting and foraging, tracking, awareness and more. You’ll find this goes beyond survival to a point of thriving and living with the Earth.

Indigenous Teachings

Our classes that include Indigenous Teachings cover topics such as culture, traditions, skills, and ceremonies. We honor the Old Ways and Old Wisdom through a historical and functional viewpoint.

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Our Earth Science Education includes the functional Study of:
Weather – Identifying clouds and predicting weather.
Geology – The history of the Earth. Learn different types of stone and how to relate that to the tools you may need to create.
Astronomy – Astronomy for navigation (seasonal, constants and special events), entertainment (stargazing).
Climate science – Long-term weather patterns, the effect they have on the Earth and what can be done if those patterns should change.

Health Science

We take a more natural approach. Plant medicine is utilized, including essential oils (concentrated form of plant medicine). Other holistic practices are incorporated, including  meditations, fitness, nutrition, and more.


Dive deep into this frequently discussed concept. We expand beyond sustainability to the point of regeneration, where we can effect real change around ourselves and the Earth.

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