Wild Wander

Wild Wander

Wander into the unknown. Our Wild Wander allows people to experience unfamiliar territory with the comfort of a guide. Wandering in unknown areas helps increase our awareness of the natural world and its beauty by advancing our observational senses. Being “wild” means we can also encounter the unexpected and must adapt quickly. Practice with adjusting to terrain changes, seasonal elements, and moving off-trail will better prepare you for the unknown wilderness, should you choose to journey on…

Please be aware:

  • Hiking experience is recommended
  • We will endure obstacles possibly requiring:
    • Rock Scrambling Technique
    • Water Crossing Technique
  • Pace of travel will change
  • This event is at your own risk
  • This offering requires 100% compliance with all guide instructions

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Advanced Outdoor Ergonomics
  • Example Trail Blazing
  • Navigational Boundaries
  • Recognizing Trails/Lines
  • Animal Tracking
  • Plant I.D.
  • Fungi I.D.
  • Survival Techniques
  • History of the Land and its Peoples
  • Caretaking Principles
  • Geological Observations

What to expect:

  • Variations in terrain
    • Uneven ground, Rocks, Cliffs, Boulders, Fields, ForestLoose Debris, Rocky Chunks, Branches, Fallen Limbs, Logs
  • Changing pace of travel
    • We will stay together as a group
    • Nobody will be wandering off alone
    • We will wait for others in the group
  • Wildlife Encounters
  • Critters and Creature
  • Water Features
    • Streams, Swamps, Creeks, Waterfalls, Ice (Winter)

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