Star Tour

Star Tour

Enjoy one of humanity’s earliest pastimes: stargazing! Our night sky inspires artists and amazes observers, but also directs how we measure time. It even guides us home, if we know how and what to look for. Experience our blend of story, science, and tradition as we journey on the Grandest Tour of All: Our Universe!

Star Tours are typically 2 or 4-hour sessions. You can find specific details for each Star Tour on its respective event page.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Star, Planet and Other Identification
  • Navigation Tips and Tricks
  • Memorization/Mind Games/Mnemonics
  • History
  • Story Telling
  • Mythology
  • Constellations

Prerequisite(s): None

Attendee Information:Participant age and ability recommendations/restrictions may vary depending on location and activity; check the event listing for more details.

How to prepare and what to bring:

  • Dress warmly, and in layers! Bring more than you think you may need.
  • Closed toe shoes and socks are strongly recommended.
  • Reclining lawn chairs/picnic blankets may make for an easier viewing experience.
  • Bring a flashlight/headlamp. (Flashlights with red light options are preferred to prevent loss of night vision)
  • You are welcome to bring any viewing equipment of your own (binoculars, telescopes, etc) provided you assume all responsibility for said equipment.

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