The Vision

ECO ACRES was born from an idea: make a positive impact on the Earth. It didn’t take long for the seed to sprout, and grow into a community of connected and passionately motivated people ready for healing, learning, and teaching. This community will weave a web of ideas that have been scattered across all cultures and times, interconnecting them back into one place again. We look at the lives of our past, and apply knowledge to the present in order to create a better future for the Earth and for those living here. We have a responsibility to give back to this world what we have already taken, and the first steps are right in front of us. One step at a time our primary focus is to teach people about the Earth and to reconnect with our roots. This ensures a better future for ourselves and all of our descendants. Journey on!

Our Mission

We Help People Reconnect With The Earth To Connect With Themselves

The Mystery keeps us Learning and Yearning”

Eco Acres Educators

Stephen Kraska


Janet Kroboth-Weber


Eco Acres Guest Educators

Grandmother Nancy Andry

Guest Educator/Elder/Storyteller

Eco Acres Staff

Eco Acres Volunteers

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