Water Procuration and Filtration

Water Procuration and Filtration

The universal phenomena that is our beautiful planet is made possible by the presence of one key element: Water. Without this vital component sustained life would be nonexistent; therefore it is important to not only understand the process of filtration and purification, but also to preserve our hydrosphere for future generations. By providing insight into both the traditional teachings and modern practices one can use to responsibly source water, we will strengthen your relationship and deepen your understanding of this essential part of life.

Course – full day – 5 hrs

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Sourcing
    • Scarcity of Water
    • Determining Locations
  • Transportation
    • Natural Vessels
    • Pros and Cons of Modern Containers
  •  Filtration
    • Traditional and Modern
    • Tier Systems
  • Purification
    • Charcoal Production/Rendering
    • Boiling
  • Traditional Teachings
    • Vibrational Attributes
    • Indigenous Perspectives

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