Learn the Lost Skills of Thriving in Nature

Our schedule is actively changing and regularly advancing along with the release of new ecological data.  We teach our students how to read the signs of nature, and to adapt and survive in any environment. Nature has everything we need to survive – and to thrive – using traditional knowledge.

Which Paths Will You Journey?


General Survival

Our General Survival course will prepare you for many situations. A number of things can occur (emergency or not) where you may need survival tools, skills, and mindset in order to save your life or another’s. Learn to survive, keep calm, and adapt to conditions you may find yourself in. With a general knowledge of survival you can feel more secure in a sometimes unforgiving environment.

Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Explore the variety of wildlife in our area through tracks and trails. Participants will learn how to identify different wildlife tracks and trails, and gain insight into the stories they tell.

Natural Navigation

Coming soon!

The Art and Story of Bow Drill

Coming soon!

Water Procuration and Filtration

The universal phenomena that is our beautiful planet is made possible by the presence of one key element: Water.

Sacred Geometry: Cosmic Creation, Art, Spirit & Science

Discover a hidden blueprint of the Universe…that is everywhere! Part 1 of “The Feminine Forest Series”

Sacred Geometry: The Art of Mother Nature

Continuing our discovery of a hidden blueprint of the Universe… Part 2 is outdoors in the woods and fields, hunting for sacred geometry in Nature! Part 2 of “The Feminine Forest Series”

Sacred Geometry & Bushcraft: Forest Skills for Women

Learn how Sacred Geometry helps with plant identification, fire skills, shelter building, knots & ropes… and more. Part 3 is in the woods & fields as part of “The Feminine Forest Series”

Private Offerings


Choose from our array of different consultations to find the one that fits your needs best. Choose: Survival, Preparedness, Property.

Private Courses

Any of our course options above can be taken in a private setting. Choose your group and the course you would like to take. This option allows a course to be run but be more tailored to the group of your choice.

Private Bookings

Please fill out a contact form below for more information! This can be for any specific event you want covered, fro special interest groups, Girl Scout, Boy Scouts, corporate and more!

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