Learn the Lost Skills of Thriving in Nature

Our schedule is actively changing and regularly advancing along with the release of new ecological data.  We teach our students how to read the signs of nature, and to adapt and survive in any environment. Nature has everything we need to survive – and to thrive – using ecological knowledge.

The Workshop List:

Which Paths Will You Journey?


Stone Age Fibercraft: Tools & Techniques

Fiber Art is quite literally the tie that binds all else together. In this workshop participants will learn how to make cordage and different styles of rope. Various wrap and twist methods will be explored through working a variety of processed and unprocessed natural materials, with a discussion on respectful harvesting ethics.

Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

Explore the variety of wildlife in our area through tracks and trails. Participants will learn how to identify different wildlife tracks and trails, and gain insight into the stories they tell.

Natural Navigation

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Traditional Fishing Spears

Flint Knapping

This workshop teaches participants about stone tool and flint knapping techniques. As this content is more advanced, participants will be sitting for some lecture time to learn some foundational principles. Participants will see stones as the useful tools our ancestors did, as the historical and cultural significance of stone tools and their continued use in modern times will also be incorporated.

The Art of Bow Drill

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